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2019: A Great Year For Largo

11 January, 2020

This year has been a great year for Largo.


The company has achieved many major milestones and has exceeded the goals set out by its founders.


2019 was truly a great year for Largo. To honor the achievements of all our hard-working staff and the successful collaboration with all our clients, Largo will take a brief look back at some of our many achievements.

Who Is Largo?

At the start of 2019, the question on everyone’s lips was, “who and what is Largo?”


At the time, Largo had only just recently rolled out the latest version of its brand new AI-driven big data analytics program that we call LargoAI.


Naturally, very few people outside Largo had any idea about who Largo was or what data-driven moviemaking even meant.


Well, let’s start our roundup with Largo. Largo creates the next generation storytelling tools for the audio-visual industry.


We coined the term data-assisted moviemaking to give the world a clear idea of exactly what we are about and what we do. Why this passion for the movie industry? That’s a good question.


Well, you might be surprised to know that several of our company founders are a mixture of scientists and filmmakers. Our co-founder, Sami Arpa is a PhD level computer scientist and also a filmmaker, having completed two shorts that have received rave reviews on the video-on-demand platform.


With such industry insight, it was a seemingly natural transition that he and others would make into data-assisted moviemaking.


Sami teamed up with some of the world’s leading data engineers and professionals from the film industry to develop LargoAI, one of the world’s most innovative platform for storytelling.

LargoAI: The Future Now

Thanks to the hard work of all our team, LargoAI has now analyzed more than 40,000 movies to give it one of the largest data pool of any movie analytics software on the market.


We won’t bore you with the details, but LargoAI is currently achieving a great predictive.


We have already provided our clients with vital insights on everything from predicated movie gross to actionable insights that will help boost their movie’s appeal to its target audience.


We have already seen how this empowers the movie’s producers and creative team to make more appealing movies and to avoid those that will fail.


Largo is currently achieving an 82% accuracy in regards to greenlighting projects.


The great thing is that LargoAI is getting better with every new movie it analyzes, so 2020 is going to be an even more accurate year than ever before.


This is great news for the movie industry and Largo as well.



2019: A Year of Achievements

Largo went from strength to strength throughout 2019.


Firstly, Largo was awarded with an ‘Innogrant’ by the EPFL Vice Presidency of Innovation. The grant was 100K CHF to aid with further development of our platform.


Largo won the best start-up award at 67th edition of San Sebastian film festival. We came first out of a competition that features 32 different startups. Naturally, we are proud that our hard work and innovation is finally being recognized on the international stage.


We accurately predicted the final gross of the Italian movie ‘Domani e Un Altro Giorno’ despite a downturn in the Italian movie market during that period.


We also pitched Largo in Venice at ArtTech Forum 2019. We were proud to be selected as one of 8 finalists selected by the jury. Largo was special guest of Guanajuato International Film Festival (GIFF), where we also provided two awards for the event.


We had the chance to visit The Academy prior to the main Oscar event to discuss Largo and our technology. At IndieWire, we gave a talk on the topic ‘Could Artificial Intelligence Spell the End of Independent Filmmaking?


Our technology continues to cause a buzz around the globe. Largo was invited to Cannes Film Festival to present Largo to the industry during Cannes Next program, which deals with emerging technologies in the movie industry.


We have been selected in top 15 among more than 1500 start-ups in Slush, which is one of the leading start-up events in the world. This gave a chance to pitch a crowd of thousands people.


Finally, we recently moved to a new address in the EPFL Innovation Park. This will allow us to collaborate even more closely with this leading tech establishment and to further improve LargoAI.




The Future Of Moviemaking

2020 is set to become even more successful for Largo.


We are currently working on a range of new technologies and avenues to seriously step up the services that Largo offers.


As we have already said, we expect the accuracy of all the predictions made by LargoAI to increase significantly. This time next year, Largo expects to be recording predictions with higher accuracy.


This extremely high level of accuracy tallies with our goal to provide our movie clients with the most innovative tools from any company in the data-assisted moviemaking industry.


We at Largo are on a mission to radically modernize the way that movies are produced.


With cinemas being saturated by only the largest Hollywood blockbusters, most of which are remakes or sequels, the global movie industry has never been in such dire straits.


Our mission is to empower filmmakers with a vision of the future where they can see how audiences react to their movies.


This will allow them to alter or market their movies in the best way possible to ensure that they are a success.


Watch this space as Largo is about to change everything.

This year has been a great year for Largo.