Smart Way of Advertisement Pre-Testing with Gen AI

  • Iterative idea improvement process with competitive ideas generated by the AI
  • Concept creation and style coherent AI-generated storyboards within 1-2 minutes
  • Get rapid feedback from real people and discover the impact of idea over likeability and buying interest 

Our AI models learn from rich data!

200’000 +


400’000 +

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Iterative idea improvement process with competitive ideas generated by AI

  • From a simple brief, creation of the project details and storyline by the system
  • Generation of other creative ideas that might compete with the original idea
  • Performance comparisons of original idea vs AI generated ideas to select best ones

Style coherent AI-generated storyboards within 1-2 minutes

  • Concept creation of any given idea with the detailed storylines
  • Automatic generation of style coherent storyboards from your brief with our patented Gen AI system

Discover the impact of your ideas over likeability and buying interest with real people

  • AI prediction of expected emotional response of audience
  • Predictions gathered from the reaction of the crowd
  • Rapid measure of expected likeability and buying interest
  • Benchmarking the audience interest with your alternative ideas and AI generated ideas

10x faster, 5x cheaper compared to traditional pre-testing

  • Taking advantage of our proprietary Gen AI methods allowing to develop the concepts within minutes, and testing the audience within a few hours
  • Accelerating your concept development and refinement process significantly

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Get comprehensive AI analysis of your brief in just 15 minutes and interact with real-time results.


Your content and results are only accessible to your team in a protected account, unless you choose to share with distributors on Connect.


Expert comprehensive training provided at the onset of your subscription for optimal tool utilization.


Receive personalized support from your assigned account manager for problem-solving and optimizing your results.

Combine your gut feeling with artificial intelligence

Stephanie Drapeau

Producer /Writer / Actress, US

Over the years, analytics for film financials, comps, and casting have been left to the sales agent, the casting director, to educated guesses or the good ol’ mystery of chance. has helped to demystify many of these elements with solid AI driven datapoints, projections and casting ideas. It has certainly offered unique insights into my film, from audience demographics to unique casting ideas… but most importantly, it’s given me the tools to uncover the creative/financial sweet spot that can increase my film’s chance of success. Albeit at the level of packaging, fundraising, or creative approach, the Largo tools have definitely added value to my filmmaker arsenal.


Producer / Director, CANADA

Before using, as an independent producer, I’ve always struggled with the research and generation of box office comparables and predictions for my projects, which are essential data to present to potential investors. A fellow PGA colleague recommended me to use after she got an LOI from a financier who looked at the numbers generated for her project. Trusting her experience, I followed suite and chose While I’m still working on deals, I was able to get a major streamer to look at a project that they previously passed with new financial data I generated from The most unexpected experience I find as an independent filmmaker using is that knowing the precise data and potential of how your project could succeed has been extremely empowering because I now have reliable data and research to back my passion and intuition of why I should make this project, or not.


Producer / Talent Agent, SPAIN

For us it has always been important to be in the forefront of trying new technologies and tools, and we didn’t hesitate to try when we were given the opportunity. Regarding development and financing has been extremely useful for its predictions that helps us prove the viability of our projects, and as it gives insight to the current sales tendencies it facilitates a fairer sales bidding process for independent producers.

Combine your gut feeling with artificial intelligence


... hundreds of important players use today before bringing the content to the screen!

A democratization tool for the industry. provides data-driven filmmaking strategies, similar to those used by major VOD platforms which aggregate and often horde their own user-driven data. may be able to assist in the situation by providing predictions that suggest the movie, even if it is a small indie, is likely to find its audience.

AI to speed up and cut the cost of development and production without overriding the creative instincts and experience of the producer.

AI can play a significant role in assisting with decision-making for a distribution strategy.’s technology can help establish patterns based on previous releases.

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