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Celebrating Success at Cannes Marché du Film: Powered by AI, Inspired by Creativity

25 May, 2023

🌟 Celebrating Success at Cannes Marché du Film! 🌟

Last week, we had the incredible opportunity to participate once again in the prestigious Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes with, and it was an absolute thrill! We are excited to share that 14 of our esteemed clients took the stage for a 3-minute pitch, all powered by cutting-edge AI forecasts. The event was followed by a great networking cocktail at the Viewpoint.

The response was nothing short of phenomenal, as the event sold out within a mere 24 hours! The room was buzzing with anticipation, and the energy was palpable throughout the entire session. Thank you AC Coppens for the moderation and Sten Saluveer & Jules Fournier for the organization.

We extend a heartfelt congratulations to all our clients who showcased their projects in front of an esteemed jury panel composed of:

🌟 Wonsun Shin: Consultant and co-production expert at Hanmac Culture Group from Korea.
🌟 Céline Dornier: Head of Film Investments at Logical Pictures Group in France.
🌟 Rain Rannu: Seasoned Film Director and Investor at Tallifornia, based in Estonia.

We are immensely proud of our clients for their outstanding pitches and unwavering passion for their projects. Your dedication and creativity continue to inspire us, and we are privileged to support you on your journey to bring your visions to life.

To everyone who attended Cannes Next | Producers Pitching Their Projects, powered by AI Forecasts, thank you for joining us and contributing to the electrifying atmosphere. Your presence made this event truly unforgettable.

🎉👏 Let’s continue to redefine the future of the film industry together, leveraging the power of AI and human ingenuity.


  1. Penny Adamopoulos, BrightStag Films
  2. Karolina Mikolajczak, Alpha Productions
  3. John Reddington, TRIPLE Entertainement LLC
  4. Daryl Tucker, Lost Lake Productions
  5. Danielle Yen, Select Entertainment / Chopin Production
  6. Davide Marangoni & Tobi King Bakare, Lakeside Pictures
  7. David Barrera, Minded Productions
  8. Abraham López Guerrero, El Viaje Imposible
  9. Erik & David Andersson, Läsk
  10. Jenifer Yeuroukis, Polyxeni Pictures
  11. Alexandru Baltă, Retina Film Production
  12. Rainier Ronnie Bugay, Redbridge Production
  13. Debora Habsburg, Pollination Pictures
  14. Ion Ionescu, Vision P.M srl


We’re thrilled to share the success of our clients at Cannes Marché du Film! Powered by AI forecasts, 14 of our clients delivered impressive 3-minute pitches that captivated the audience. The event sold out in just 24 hours, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Congratulations to our clients and let’s continue redefining the film industry with AI and creativity!