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Embracing AI in Film and TV:’s Workshop in Dublin

10 February, 2024

On February 1st, 2024,, in collaboration with Creative Europe Desk Ireland, hosted a workshop in Dublin, focused on the integration of AI tools in the film and TV industries. This event brought together industry professionals to explore the burgeoning role of artificial intelligence in enhancing cinematic storytelling and production efficiency.

Sami Arpa, CEO and Co-founder, alongside Celine Udriot, COO of, led the workshop. They began by demystifying AI, explaining its foundational principles and workings in an accessible manner. The session then transitioned into a historical overview of AI’s application in cinema, highlighting how these tools have evolved and been utilized to create more engaging, innovative content.

Special attention was given to Irish cinema, with Arpa and Udriot presenting specific examples of tools applied in film projects. These case studies illustrated the practical benefits of AI in predicting content positioning, gauging audience emotional responses, and aiding in character and casting decisions, along with forecasting financial outcomes for both box office and streaming platforms.

The workshop aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI’s potential to revolutionize the film and TV industries. By focusing on practical applications and local examples, sought to inspire Irish filmmakers and producers to consider how AI can be integrated into their creative and production processes, thereby fostering a culture of innovation and technological advancement within the Irish film industry.

In a focused workshop in Dublin organized by Creative Europe Desk Ireland, illuminated the path for integrating AI in film and TV production. Led by Sami Arpa and Celine Udriot, the session offered a primer on AI before diving into its transformative applications in cinema, enriched with examples from Irish filmmaking. This gathering aimed to inspire the local industry with insights into AI’s potential to innovate storytelling and streamline production processes.