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Introducing Alex Gocke as VP of Sales – A Warm Welcome!

24 July, 2023 is delighted to welcome aboard the talented and accomplished Alex Gocke as our new VP of Sales, based in Sacramento.

In this incredible journey, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with exceptional individuals and organizations in the entertainment industry. Our commitment to providing cutting-edge AI-powered content analysis remains unwavering, and with Alex on board, we’re taking it to new heights.

As a screenwriter and a film production aficionado, Alex brings a wealth of creative expertise to our dynamic team. His passion for storytelling and deep understanding of content creation make him a perfect fit for’s vision. Not only that, Alex also brings the experience of being a startup founder in the cinema industry, making his strategic marketing acumen and extensive experience invaluable assets. With a keen eye for market research and business development, we are confident that his expertise will be instrumental in driving’s growth.

Together with Alex Gocke as VP of Sales, we are eager to explore new horizons, forge strong partnerships, and continue revolutionizing the content creation landscape.

Welcome to the team Alex! Team is proud to introduce Alex Gocke as the new VP of Sales, based in Sacramento. With a background in screenwriting and film production, Alex’s creative expertise and passion for storytelling align perfectly with our AI-powered content analysis vision.