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Largo 5th Edition of the Ouchy Film Awards

20 July, 2022

The whole team at Largo is very proud of our achievement in curating the 5th edition of the Ouchy Film Awards 2022. The last few years have seen the entire film industry under enormous pressure due to the Covid19 Pandemic, something which has seen most film festival events forced online.


Thankfully, due to relaxing restrictions, the 2022 Ouchy Film Awards was held as an in-person event in its home of Lausanne, Switzerland from July 14th to 16th. And this was not the only change to this year’s event.


The Ouchy Film Awards (OFA) is an international film festival that takes the form of a film & script award competition. With 4 highly successful editions under its belt, this year’s Ouchy Film Festival saw a new format that saw several awards being chosen by artificial intelligence. achieved a world’s first last year when it awarded the first ever award given by artificial intelligence at the 2021 Ouchy film festival. The event was such a hit that the Largo team decided to use its AI system again this year to help to select some of the award winners from this year’s jury’s shortlist of nominees.


The 5th Edition of the Ouchy Film Awards took place in July 2022. It was called “Cinema through the lens of the AI”. This milestone was broken down into 3 parts. As mentioned, the event included an AI jury that helped select the award winners.


Secondly, the event included 4 panels that discussed the influence of AI on the future of the film industry. Finally, an event was held that allowed customers to pitch their projects using AI insights derived from the SaaS platform.


Filmmakers from all over the world can submit their narrative films for review by the Ouchy Film Festival jury. Films are critiqued on six categories that include directing, acting, editing, script, sound, and cinematography. Screenplays are analyzed to appraise their originality, structure, plot, pacing, dialogue, and characters.


Ouchy Film Festival Awards 2022:

  • AI Award for Best Feature Film
  • AI Award for Best Short Film
  • AI Award for Best Acting
  • AI Award for Best Screenplay


All the shortlisted films are screened to the public prior to awards being given in order to give them the opportunity to make their own judgments as to which they prefer. This has the added bonus of allowing the general public to access the judgments made by the artificial intelligence system.


Audience members reported being highly impressed at the choices made by during this year’s events, with the vast majority agreeing with its choices.


Ouchy Film Festival 2022 Awards & Prizes


Here is a comprehensive list of this year’s nominees and winners:



Pierre & Jeanne, Clémentine Célarié, Switzerland

Invisible, Jeong Hee Jun, South Korea

Zugvögel, Johannes Buchholz, Germany

Kontakti, Toni Majaniemi, Finland

Dream 1991, Matías Zemljič, Slovenia

The Anger, Maria Ivanova Z., Libya

Mother of Apostles, Zaza Buadze, Ukraine


A Second Husband, Tommy Britt, United States

Riding on Duke’s Train – DDD, Ken Kimmelman & Mick Carlon, United States

A Long Way Home, Steven Bogart, United States

Hounded, Joshua Allen, United States

Obadiah – A Pulp Fiction Prequel, Phillip Hollins, United States

Capri, Michael J Dunker, United States

The Crossing, Fred Perry, United States

Getting Your Hair Cut in Indiana, Rebecca Leigh, United States

Level Up, Jason Skorski

South of the Border, William Scott Williams, United States

Shark’s Instinct, Bethany Maines, United States

Don’t Change Your Husband, John McCloskey, United States

2060, Cameron Barnes, United States

Deep Ascent, J. Thomas Peterson, United States

Iron Lung, Kevin Kraft, United States

The Second Coming of John Cooper, Kevin Kraft, United States


Feeling, Romain Argento &  Jérémy Chieusse, France

Montana 1977, Kimyan Flückiger, Swiss

Deus Ex Machna, Jessy Langlois, France

Blackout, Reza Didar, Iran

Beats, Simon Pfister, Germany

Apple Tree, Olya Azhnakina, Russia

The Boy and the Mountain, Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal, Chile

Those Things are Known Horacio, Pedro Chilibroste, Uruguay

The Scratch, Alessandro Chirico, Italy

Figurant, Jan Vejnar, Czech Republic

TILT, Björn Schürmann, Germany

A Dead Sea, Nahd Bashir, Israël

Théo, Tanya Larcinese, France

Do Not Feed The Pigeons, Antonin Niclass

Frida, Aleksandra Odic, Germany

Black Bag, Lee Foster, Canada

Magpie, Carola Del Bono, Italy

The Flying Village, Zoltán Gyarmati-Paor, Hungary

Sentier Paradis, Lauren Ransan

The Eighth Commandment, Dario Lonjak, Croatia

Le Petit Prodige, Xavier Diskeuve, Belguim


Loris Freeman Pierre et Jeanne, Clémentine Célarié, Swiss

Margarita Sanchez Fatigue Amoureuse, Sam Janot, Swiss

Jay Johnston et Greg Furman Wing Dad, Lucas Åström, United States

Thomas Garbo Princesse de Jérusalem, Nicolas Paban et Guillaume Levil, France

Kati Rausch Tigerlilly, Kati Rausch, United States

Yevhenіi Konoshchuk Worried about the matches, Angelina Turska, Ukraine

Miguel Angel Jenner Redondo Dear Juan Manuel, José Luis López Ortiz, Spain

Aloys Balcou Théo, Tanya Larcinese, France

Steve Kasan Black Bag, Lee Foster, Canada

Lluís Soler Sea Light, John Doe, Spain

Talma Tal Out of Play, Romi Menachem, Israël


Ouchy Film Festival 2022 Events:

Financing movies with the help of AI

With Lukas Beckenbauer (Silver Reel, Zürich), Quentin Lee (Margin Films, Vancouver), and Talal Malik (Alpha1Media, London)


What problems AI can solve within filmmaking?

with Bastian Schöttner (Terra Mater Studios, Berlin), Kathryn Aboya (Soul Heroine Entertainment, Caledonia), and Sami Arpa (Largo Films, Lausanne)


How does the human (artist) adapt to AI’s suggestion?

With Jonathan O’Hear (Festival AiiA, Geneva), Pierry Jaquillard (ECAL, Lausanne), Susan Schmidt (Avenue Road Productions, Sydney), and Uwe Schwarzwalder (KUSmagic Productions, Zürich)


What is the future of film industry?

With Jelena Goldbach (ZAK Film Productions, Potsdam), Loredana Rehekampff (Samsara Filmproduktion, Vienna), and Matthieu Rubin (Sazia Films, Paris)


Ouchy Film Awards in Numbers:


  • 8 feature films / 23 short films / 16 scripts from 23 different countries
  • 14 screenings (2 open-air)
  • 11 filmmakers came onsite (Switzerland, France, Reunion, Italy, Germany, Lebanon, Ukraine)


  • 4 panels
  • 13 panelists
  • 9 onsite / 4 online
  • 17 projects were pitched by Largo’s clients


Watch this space as the 2023 Ouchy Film Festival is already starting to warm up.

The whole team at Largo is very proud of our achievement in curating the 5th edition of the Ouchy Film Awards 2022.