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16 November, 2023

We are thrilled to share highlights from’s recent participation at the Bilbao Seriesland Festival, a significant event in the film and television industry.’s CEO Sami Arpa delivered an engaging presentation at the festival, showcasing the advancements and potential of AI in the movie and television sectors. His insights and expertise, representing’s leading edge in this domain, were enthusiastically received by an audience of industry professionals and peers.

The Bilbao Seriesland Festival provided an excellent platform for to demonstrate the impact and capabilities of its innovative approaches. Sami’s presentation was a key moment, underlining’s commitment to driving forward the integration of AI in entertainment.

The positive reception at the festival is a testament to the relevance and potential of’s ongoing projects and collaborations. We invite you to read more about the event on the link below. recently made a significant impact at the Bilbao Seriesland Festival, with CEO Sami Arpa leading a captivating presentation. Showcasing the latest AI advancements in film and TV, Sami’s insights placed at the forefront of industry innovation.