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The LargoAI: Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

7 August, 2019

We’ve all grown tired of seeing advertisements that promise us the world.


Like them or not, advertisements are here to stay.


With the exception of bad adverts that get pulled soon after they are released, the future only promises more and more advertisements.


The reason for this is simple – advertisements work.


While target marketing will improve the relevancy of the kind of ads that you are seeing in the future, all trends point to you seeing an ever-increasing amount of adverts in the future.


Probably the most frustrating thing about advertisements, other than the interruption to our favorite movies, is the fact that we know that many of the claims that they are making are simply not true.


Everything from bank adverts promising the lowest credit card rates to movie advertisements for films that turn out to be disappointing have overtime dulled our trust in advertisements.


Very few companies actually put their money where their mouth is,


This is why Largo has decided to make frequent predictions on the gross revenues generated by new release movies.

We will create frequent YouTube videos giving our gross income predictions the week before movies are released.


This way you can see how accurate Largo and it’s sophisticated big data analytic software LargoAI can be.


Before we get to this week’s predictions, let’s take a look at what exactly is Largo AI is for those of you who are not familiar with it.


What is LargoAI?

LargoAI is a sophisticated big data analytic program that allows us to accurately predict and identify trends for various aspects of movie production.


Big data analytics involves collecting large amounts of data from sources such as social media and published statistical data.


Companies with expertise in developing sophisticated computer algorithms, like Largo, are able to develop their own analytics software that uses a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify patterns in this data.



These patterns can be literally anything and therefore can be immensely helpful to all types of industry and processes.


When applied to movie production, big data analytics can help refine the finished product, even from the script phase.


It is also able to predict a likely film gross either from the script or from rough cut.


This is why we believe that big data analytics is going to completely change the movie industry.

LargoAI: Seeing into the future

Because we are so confident in Largo AI and its ability to accurately predict film gross, we have decided to put our money where our mouth is.

Starting with last week’s predictions:

Opening week weekend revenues

Lion King

We predicted the movie gross to fall in A+ category.


A+ is the highest category and means that the movie will make over $29 million over the opening weekend.


As Largo data scientist Jose states “It ended up falling comfortably into the A+ category and making $185 million over the weekend”.


This was not a big shock as everyone in the industry had high expectations of the movie producing a huge gross.


At Work

At Work is a French movie that was being re-released in English a year after its original release in France. The movie is a relatively small budget production that scored success in its native country.


LargoAI predicted a C- gross potential which means less than $16,000 its opening weekend.


Once again LargoAI’s prediction proved accurate as the film went on to gross a mere $1,600 for its 1st weekend release.

The Art of Self Defence

The final prediction LargoAI made last week was for the American movie The Art of Self Defense.


LargoAI predicted the film would achieve a  B- minus gross, which means revenue of between $200,000 and $1.5 million.


The film ended up making $1 million which means that it fell within the boundaries predicted by LargoAI.


In all cases, LargoAI accurately predicted the total opening weekend gross of all 3 case studies.


Once again LargoAI has proved its ability to see into the future.




This week’s predictions

Here are the 3 films that we predicted for this weekend.


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

For this weekend, LagoAI predicted that Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was going to be an A+ movie and make over 29 million dollars.


The film ended up making $40 million, and therefore proved Largo right.


The Great Hack

Lago AI predicted that The Great Hack would be a C- movie meaning that it will make less than $16,000.


At the current time, this data has not been released. So you can now search it for yourself and find the results, which we are sure will have proven Largo right.


Please remember to check the opening weekend statistics only.


The Astronaut

Another C- category prediction from LargoAI, the gross data on The Astronaut has also not been released at the time of writing.


Once again you can check for yourself to see if Largo’s prediction of under $16,000 is correct.

We’ve all grown tired of seeing advertisements that promise us the world.