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11 June, 2020

If there was a phrase that sums up, it would be “knowledge is power”.


Largo is proud to announce the updates to its SaaS platform that will empower filmmakers with new tools that will give them further insights throughout each step of their movie production.


Ever since its inception, the movie business has struggled to get to know its audience. This is by no means an easy task, particularly as audience tastes are always changing.


An obvious example of this was the change in viewing preferences that the 1960s counterculture movement brought about. In a blink of an eye, movies such as Easy Rider, with its drugs and free sex rebellious themes, were riding high at the box office, leaving old fashioned movie executives not knowing which way to turn their heads.


The drawback to arguably one of the most dramatic generational shifts the movie business has ever had to face was a string of box office failures. Movies such as The Last Picture Show and Myra Breckinridge failed because movie producers greenlighted projects which they didn’t understand for audiences they didn’t either.


This misunderstanding of the change in audience tastes was so significant that it nearly ended Hollywood.

The Times Are Changing


At last, technology has come to the rescue by helping movie producers and filmmakers to better understand their audience.


This technology is AI-assisted moviemaking.


Largo is leading the development of this exciting new technology that uses data analytics to identify patterns or insights which can then be presented to filmmakers in such a way as to give them a view of potential audience reaction. SaaS Platform


In early 2020, made its powerful new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform available to global filmmakers and producers.


Upon its release, industry professionals were able to use the platform to analyze the potential of a script (at the pre-production stage).


After uploading their script to the platform, would undertake a comprehensive analysis of its inherent patterns or ‘ingredients’ to provide meaningful insights in the form of graphs and other data.



These insights include a comprehensive breakdown of elements such as genre recipe, character and quality analysis, and distribution financial forecasts relating to expected box office gross by region.


Largo’s record on financial forecasts is indicative of the across the board accuracy of its technology. To date, has achieved an accuracy of 80%, even in spite of several unforeseen events such as a slowdown in the Italian film market in early 2019.


This is important because such accurate insights enable filmmakers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their films so that they can make changes that will make them more appealing to audiences. Latest Updates


Largo is delighted to announce that it has now added video analysis along with a “distribution projects” tool to the platform.


In addition to the existing tools that allow users to analyze the potential of a script, this new update means that now includes video analyses on the SaaS platform as well. This sophisticated tool allows filmmakers to upload their entire movie or individual scenes for in-depth analysis.


The platform can undertake three types of analysis, pre-production, post-production, and distribution, something which will further empower moviemakers by giving them access to insights at each step of their production.


In fact, the SaaS platform retains the results of each analysis that it performs so that filmmakers and producers can compare each successive version of their script or movie with the last. In effect, this allows them to see how a differently edited scene or changes in dialogue, for example, have changed the audience’s perception of the movie.


Changes that have been negatively received, for example, will affect such things as the character relationships and genre ratios as well as the quality analysis, which in turn will affect the box office revenues.


Added to this powerful new tool, and In keeping with Largo’s aim to offer easy to digest analysis to filmmakers everywhere, now includes a new analysis for the distribution strategy.



This distribution strategy works off two important metrics:

  1. When to release the film.
  2. In which volume to release the film (e.g. # copies, movie theatre screens, etc.).


This tool includes distribution strategy graphs for the above data for completed projects (i.e complete movies uploaded).


Understanding that audience viewing habits are changing, Largo has tailored its service to offer filmmakers insights as to how well their movies will perform on various video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix, which will be released this summer on the platform.


Largo SaaS members will be able to view these predictions on a region, or country by country basis, something which will enable them to maximize their marketing efforts in order to get the best return on investment.


While Largo will continue to work tirelessly to succeed in its mission to unlock the full power of big data analytics and place this at the fingertips of all filmmakers, these latest updates mark a huge step forward in accomplishing that dream.


If you wish to harness the power of LargoAI and see just how much its insights can help you, head to and request a free demo.

If there was a phrase that sums up, it would be “knowledge is power”.