Artificial Intelligence And The Movie Industry

Every Hollywood producer dreams of a world where all the choices that they make are the right

Pitched at Business Concept Alumni Night

We have pitched Largo at Business Concept alumni night. Largo’s journey started 2 years ago with

What Is Big Data Analytics Filmmaking?

If you have not yet heard of big data analytics filmmaking then you are about to see into the

Largo at Go-Beyond AI Night & Startup Days in Bern

We continue getting invitations/selections for pitching Largo. Two great events that we have

Largo was Pitched by IMD EMBA Students

After being awarded by IMD’s startup competition for EMBA program, we had a first step of this in

Why It Is Time To Choose Largo For Your Big Data Moviemaking

According to a recent article in PR Newswire, the global big data analytics market is expected to

Featured on Innovaud’s 2018 report

Largo was featured on Innovaud’s 2018 report. We are lucky to be a Canton Vaud start-up as

Pitched at Cannes Film Festival

Largo was invited to Cannes Film Festival to present Largo to the industry during Cannes Next

Largo at HeK – PechaKucha AI Night

We have participated in AI Night having PechaKucha presentation format (20 slides x 20

SICTIC Events in Zurich and Lausanne

We have pitched Largo in Zurich and Lausanne to the business angels, who are the members of

Largo in Top 50 Startups to Invest

We are proud to be selected as one of the top 50 startups to invest in 2019. Considering dynamic

Largo organized 3rd edition of Ouchy Film Awards

Ouchy Film Awards (OFA) is a yearly awards competition, organized by Largo. The goal of OFA is to